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    Smart Glass Technologies

    Smart Glass Technologies is an exclusive dealer for Smart Glass Group, the fastest-growing  manufacturer of switchable Film and Smart Glass in the North American market.

    Smart Glass Tech is a leading innovative company offering the widest variety of design options when it comes to superior quality switchable privacy glass, self-adhesive PDLC (Polymer-Dispersed Liquid Crystal) film, and photochromic self-tinting windows technology.

    Smart Glass Technologies has more than 15 teams of certified smart film installers in the major cities of the USA and Canada.

    The Florida-based manufacturing facility allows us to quickly get your glass orders manufactured and shipped out on time. The lead time is 2 to 4 weeks and delivery is 5-10 Days. See our projects

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    leading PDLC company IN US

    Smart Glass Technologies has been recognized as the top performing company in the electric liquid crystal (PDLC) switchable film and glass industry.


    Smart Glass Tech is proud to list among our satisfied clients like TDBank, Netflix, Miami Dade College, SLICE TV, KLX Aerospaces, Audemars Piguet, Hublot, Sheriff Office, UPS USA, Porsche Tower Miami and many more.


    Our certified installers are ready to meet you at any of our ten offices across the USA (Miami, Los Angeles, New York, Austin, San Francisco, San Diego, Phoenix, Chicago), Canada (Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver), and the Middle East (Riyadh, Dubai).


    UL Recognized PriWatt™ Glass made in Miami, USA.

    UL Recognized PriWatt™ Film made in Canada.

    UL Recognized Transformers Made in Germany. Protected from high pressure water jets from any direction.



    Smart Glass manufacture in Miami, Florida can focus more on product quality and customer relations than logistics.

    The Florida-based manufacturing facility allows us to quickly get your glass orders manufactured and shipped out on time. The regular production time is 2-4 weeks and delivery 5-10 Days.


    The Miami Headquarter office is always here for support to help with your orders. We are the only company who offers a full installation concierge and a project manager to oversee that your project is completed professionally and to your satisfaction.

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