Advancing Healthcare with PriWatt Smart Glass: Halton Healthcare

When Halton Healthcare in Georgetown, Canada, decided to undertake a transformative upgrade of their Intensive Care Unit (ICU), they turned to PriWatt Smart Glass and their service provider, Smart Glass Technologies, to provide an innovative and practical solution. The goal was to improve patient privacy, increase natural light, enhance control over room availability, and advance hygiene and infection control.

Privacy in a hospital environment is crucial, but it often limits the medical staff’s ability to quickly assess patient situations. With PriWatt Smart Glass technology, the glass turns from transparent to opaque at the flick of a switch, thus ensuring patient privacy without compromising efficiency and visibility.

Additionally, the use of PriWatt Smart Glass allowed more natural light into the patient rooms. A bright and well-lit environment is a well-known factor in enhancing patient recovery. Coupled with privacy, the technology offers a balance between care and comfort, a critical consideration in any healthcare environment.

Another reason to opt for PriWatt Smart Glass was hygiene and infection control. Unlike traditional blinds or curtains, the smooth surface of the switchable smart glass minimized potential contamination points, offering a more hygienic solution for patient rooms.

Smart Glass Technologies took on the task of integrating the technology seamlessly into Halton Healthcare’s existing setup. The installation of the laminated low iron glass into the existing frames, including the sliding doors, was carried out with minimal disruption. The team even found an innovative solution to ensure the wires for the sliding doors were concealed effectively.

Moreover, PriWatt Smart Glass is designed for longevity with a minimum performance period of 15 years. The fact that Smart Glass Technologies offered a multi-year warranty and service added more value to the deal. They have local installers ready to service any time, underlining their commitment to customer satisfaction and continuous support.

“We manufactured 1/2 inch laminated, low iron smart glass. The production lead time is 60 days. The entire process was managed meticulously, from the manufacturing stage to installation, including the low-voltage connections. PriWatt Smart Glass, with all components being UL and Intertek certified, secured easy ESA approval” said William Turcan CEO of Smart Glass Technologies LLC.

The integration of PriWatt Smart Glass at Halton Healthcare is a testament to the institution’s commitment to leverage advanced technologies for improved patient care. Halton Healthcare’s success story serves as an inspiration for other institutions to explore and embrace such revolutionary solutions. By ensuring privacy, hygiene, and light control, PriWatt Smart Glass technology brings immense value to healthcare settings and beyond, paving the way for future hospital design.


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