Bathroom Windows with Switchable Privacy Glass Film

Perfect solution for privacy, light and heat control in your bathroom;

Does Switchable Privacy Glass Film Worth It?

In an architectural or interior design project, switchable privacy glass generates a dynamic statement by combining controllable light and privacy on demand. Despite its typically higher price, this glass film is cost-effective, offering easier cleaning, lower energy usage, and an improved aesthetic. Its versatility makes it widely applicable in different locations like windows, doors, or glass dividers.

Switchable Glass Film is designed for Privacy On Demand

In the bathroom areas, switchable privacy glass makes the space feel larger while supporting minimalist interior design. Thus, smart glass is the best option for people who have limited space and want to maximize it by keeping the natural light inside.

Maintaining Switchable Privacy Glass is as easy as it gets. Unlike draperies, blinds, and shutters Switchable Privacy Glass collects only a fraction of dust so cleaning is kept to a minimum. If you wish to clean your smart film simply turn it off and use a soft cloth and 99% alcohol. When done, ensure there is no liquid left on the edges. It’s really as simple as that.

How do we do it?

Smart Film needs to be installed by our professional installation team; Wire connections need to be planned and discussed in advance to start the manufacture;

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Send us the measurements and total square footage and speak with a technician to get a better understanding of the Smart Glass.

The average production time for Film is 10 business days, depending on the size and scope of your project. We deliver the Smart Film in 2-3 Days then your project manager will contact you to schedule the installation.

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