Case Studies

See how Smart Glass Technologies has worked to bring beautiful, privacy smart glass solutions across a variety of industries.

switch glass windows

Floor-to-ceiling switch glass windows

Floor-to-ceiling switch glass windows bring in an abundance of natural daylight that makes any space seem more inviting. Studies show that natural daylight is proven

Switch Film for Drone Operating Room at FPL

Client: FPLDate: May 2021Location: Miami, FloridaProduct: PriWatt™ FilmSquare Footage: 130 SFArea: Drone Operating RoomSGT GLOBAL OFFICE: Miami Smart Glass Technologies was honored to work with Florida Power & Light Company, the principal

Switchable Film Magnetic Connection for Sliding Door

Client: ResidentialDate: May 2021Location: New York Product: PriWatt™ FilmSquare Footage: 50 SFArea: Private ResidentialSGT GLOBAL OFFICE: New York   Take a look at our recent PriWatt Film project , located in NYC,

Switchable Smart Film at One Thousand Museum Miami

Client: ResidentialDate: March 2021Location: Miami, FLProduct: PriWatt™ FilmSquare Footage: 60 SFArea: Private ResidentialSGT GLOBAL OFFICE: Miami When talking about Smart Film the first thing that comes to mind is the Luxury Modern

Switchable Front Door in New York

Client: Residential HomeDate: January 2021Location: New York, NYProduct: PriWatt™ FilmSquare Footage: 60 SFArea: Private ResidentialSGT GLOBAL OFFICE: New York The happiness of our customers is how we evaluate our performance at Smart

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North York General Hospital- Toronto Canada

Client: North York General HospitalDate: February 2021Location: Toronto, CanadaProduct: PriWatt™ GlassArea: Health CareSGT GLOBAL OFFICE: Toronto NEW YORK, March 2, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — The WHO and the Centers for Disease Control and

Skylight with Switchable Smart Glass

Client: ResidentialDate: January 2021Location: West Palm Beach, USAProduct: PriWatt™ Glass (1/2″ Laminated, Low Iron, 29 5/8” W x 161” H)Square Footage: 400 SQFTArea: ResidentialSGT GLOBAL OFFICE: Miami Skylight windows are generally

Switchable Smart Glass for UPS Office in New York

Client: UPSDate: December 2020Location: New York, USAProduct: PriWatt™ FilmSquare Footage: 150 SQFTArea: Private OfficesSGT GLOBAL OFFICE: New York The use of Smart Glass in interior decoration continues to gain popularity and is

Multiple Smart Glass Offices in New Jersey

Client: Alderfer GlassDate: November 2020Location: New Jersey, USAProduct: PriWatt™ FilmSquare Footage: 350 SQFTArea: Private OfficesSGT GLOBAL OFFICE: New York In our recent project, we had the great pleasure to work on a

Smart Glass Bathroom in New York

Client: Residential HomeDate: October 2020Location: New Jersey, USAProduct: PriWatt™ FilmSquare Footage: 250 SFArea: Private ResidentialSGT GLOBAL OFFICE: New York   PriWatt™ Smart Film, which also can be referred to as electronically switchable

Allstate Insurance Smart Glass Office in New Jersey

Client: Allstate InsuranceDate: October 2020Location: New Jersey, USAProduct: PriWatt™ FilmSquare Footage: 200 SFArea: Private OfficeSGT GLOBAL OFFICE: New York The Allstate Corporation protects people from life’s uncertainties with more than 113 million

Blown Away on Netflix using smart privacy glass

  Client: Marble Media (NETFLIX CANADA)Date: August, 2018Location: Toronto, CanadaProduct: PriWatt™ FilmSquare Footage: 160 SFArea: RoomSGT GLOBAL OFFICE: Toronto   Blown Away is a Canadian Netflix ground-breaking reality competition series, where exceptional glassblowers

Electric frosted glass

Electric frosted glass at SnapCrack Chiropractic

Client: SnapCrack Chiropractor Date: July, 2020Location: Miami, Florida, USAProduct: PriWatt™ FilmSquare Footage: 107 SFArea: Medical OfficeSGT GLOBAL OFFICE: Miami   Whether you’re desperate for some quick relief or if you want a


Privacy Switchable Smart Film Houston Texas

Client: Kirby CorporationDate: June, 2020Location: Houston, Texas, USAProduct: PriWatt™ FilmSquare Footage: 700 SFArea: OfficeSGT GLOBAL OFFICE: Miami Kirby Corporation, founded in 1969, headquartered in Houston, Texas is the largest tank barge operator in the


Electric opaque glass in the Toronto office

Client: The Berkley GroupDate: June, 2020Location: Toronto, CanadaProduct: PriWatt™ FilmSquare Footage: 53 SFArea: OfficeSGT GLOBAL OFFICE: Toronto  Keeping privacy in the office can be tricky, especially if the office is done in

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Modern HR Los Angeles

As a successful human resource consulting company, that works with many different industries all over the country for over 34 years, Modern HR decided to

At Smart Glass Technologies, we empower architects, designers, developers, and homeowners to maximize the use of glass and natural light in their projects, while simultaneously providing innovative solutions for privacy with our switchable smart glass. We are ready to respond to the ambition and imagination of our customers. We manufacture high-quality products and provide an exceptional customer service experience.