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SGT response to COVID-19

Coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) is an infectious illness that can spread from person to person. It’s an unprecedented pandemic requiring extraordinary solidarity between all people,  to urgently respond and support nations health.  Most health experts believe that the COVID-19 pandemic will increase the financial burdens on healthcare and commercial systems, to strengthen the infection prevention …

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Smart Glass Applications

Explore the versatile applications of the Switchable Smart Glass in a wide range of markets and business sectors. Public & Government Buildings. Smart Glass contributes to an overall relaxed and healthier work atmosphere for front desk employees working in various crowded public and Government departments, airports, embassies. Corporates & workspaces. Promotes Biophilic design within the …

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How Smart Glass Benefits Healthcare & Medical Environments

Healthcare providers are constantly aspiring to provide the best possible environment for their patients. By continuing to upgrade their facilities, hospitals and other healthcare providers can ensure that patients feel as comfortable as possible. A cornerstone feature of improving patients’ experiences is to embrace new technologies as they become available. One such technology that has …

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Smart glass shower design

Designing a perfect bathroom space could be difficult, especially if only limited space is available. A variety of solutions might be simply overwhelming – leaving a customer with the question- which solution is perfect for him? While designing stage is very important, even more important is to find out how we would like the bathroom’s …

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