Improved Security

Smart Glass is undeniably the future of academic and office conditions. Whether it be for a conference room, meeting room or a class, the biggest benefit of the Smart Glass is the complete privacy on demand. The smart glass add 0.4mm of very durable PDLC film, in effect strengthening the glass, without ever compromising your view.

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The shutter effect & no germs

During the sunny hours, it’s very damaging for students eyes to be looking at a TV or a laptop screen, the shadow is the must.
Smart Glass is a perfect solution, which provides you with the opaque mode, plus is ultra-hygienic and easy-to-clean. No more blinds and curtains, which were poorly rated in spreading of bacteria.

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Use as a whiteboard or a projection screen

Being a light polarizing matter, the Switch Glass performs unbelievably great, literally boosting the images’ contrast and brightness.  These features allow using the rear projection even during a daytime with moderate levels of ambient lighting. In conjunction with an array of laser projectors, the Switch Glass can work as a huge facade video wall, allowing everybody in the class be engaged in the process.

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Soundproofing properties minimize distracting noise

Smart Glass helps students to avoid distractions and disturbance. With acoustic rating (Rw) in 35-36 Db, switchable Smart Glass provides a fantastic way to create an environment of isolation, the ultimate shut off from the outside world, which is ideal for studying.

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Class Room

Smart Glass is an all-in-one solution for secure, open learning environments.
Studies have shown that students learn better and faster when they have access to natural light and views. However, security and safety is a common concern when designing with glass in schools and universities.


Library Room

Smart Glass creates connections, not barriers!
Experience design freedom like never before with privacy on demand. Switchable Smart Glass gives designers the opportunity to create dynamic, open library spaces with natural light flowing through them while boosting connectivity and students morale.


Meeting Room

Meeting rooms and boardrooms are often areas with a need for privacy, but that doesn’t mean they have to be sectioned off from the rest of the office, cutting out light and creating a claustrophobic environment.
Our range of switchable glass products offers an attractive and flexible solution.


Teachers Room

Whether you have a boardroom meeting, a private interview or want time to yourself, Smart Glass puts you in control. From partitioning a shared office for increased productivity to having low profile window treatments the possibilities are endless.