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Easy Maintenance

Maintaining Smart Glass is as easy as it gets. Unlike draperies, blinds and shutters Smart Glass collects only a fraction of dust so cleaning is kept to a minimum. If you wish to clean your smart glass simply turn it off and use a soft cloth and gentle soap. When done, ensure there is not water or soap left on the glass or the edges. It’s really as simple as that.

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Decrease Energy Consumption

Smart Glass is proven to minimize the effects of high/low external temperatures from affecting your interior temperature, essentially saving you on energy costs. Operating at 48V AC, Smart Glass consumes less than 0.5 Watts per square feet when on (transparent) and 0 Watts when off (opaque), making it great for your pocket as well as our planet.

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Block Damaging Radiation

Direct exposure to UV and Infrared radiation is not only bad for your floors and furniture but also to your health. Smart Glass blocks 98% of harmful UV rays and 95% infrared radiation. Protecting you and your guests.


Improved Security

Smart Glass adds a layer of security, decreasing the chances of intruders breaking in. The smart glass add 0.4mm of very durable PDLC film, in effect strengthening the glass, without ever compromising your view.

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Whether staying in a room alone or sharing it with a travel companion, having a sense of privacy is critical to feelings of comfort. With liquid crystal switchable Smart Glass allows glass to switch from transparent to opaque for an open atmosphere or privacy on demand.



Designing a perfect bathroom space could be difficult, especially if only limited space is available. A variety of solutions might be simply overwhelming – leaving a designer with the question- which solution is perfect for my hotel?

While designing stage is very important, even more important is to find out how we would like the bathroom’s layout to look like and what should it include. Both creative thinking and technological feasibility help designers to propose the best possible solutions. There are always a few tricks available that can help to upgrade any bathroom.



Most hotel rooms are limited in terms of space, and guests feel it. For some guests, the first thing they notice when they walk into a room is the size. To overcome small spaces, many hotels are turning to glass partitions, mainly for bathroom enclosures. Glass partitions make spaces feel bigger with transparency for an open atmosphere and glass walls themselves consume less space than traditional studded walls, not only giving a sense of space, but actually saving square footage.



Protect guests skins and eyes from UV lights, save on energy consumption, decrease fading of carpets, furniture and protect valuable artwork due to UV radiation, heat and glare and still receive enough natural sunlight in the rooms and lobbies.



Smart Glass offers low maintenance, cost-effective and impressive solution for instant privacy. Without restricting the flow of light, switchable glass helps to transform previously dark corridors into spaces that feel open and bright.



Whether you have a meeting,
A conference call or want some time to yourself, Smart Glass puts you in control. From partitioning a shared office for increased productivity to having low profile window treatments the possibilities are endless.