How Smart Glass is improving the hospitality industry

Staying ‘on trend’ and ensuring a hotel doesn’t look outdated is an important and valid concern for hoteliers in a market where competition is ever-increasing. Switchable Privacy Smart Glass is currently used in partition screens, windows, roof-lights and doors, projection screens within the Hotel environment.

The introduction of new technology and gadgets in hotel rooms is indicative of design development as a whole, as hotels are now aiming their designs at the people who have the money.  Hotels will always want to appeal to the people who are most likely to stay there, and the demographics of people who stay in hotels — particularly businessmen — has changed a lot recently, meaning that hotels have changed their designs.

Smart Glass exciting, cutting-edge technology creates new possibilities for the hospitality industry, by creating climate-adaptive building shells, with the ability to reduce annual energy costs (up to 20% in annual electricity consumption and 23% in cooling peak) for heating, air-conditioning and lighting and avoid the cost of installing and maintaining motorized light screens, blinds or curtains.  

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Unlike blinds or curtains, Smart Glass offers low maintenance, cost-effective and impressive solution for instant privacy. Without restricting the flow of light, switchable glass helps to transform previously dark corridors into spaces that feel open and bright.

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 Moreover, the building envelope creates a comfortable indoor climate for both employees and guests which in turn improves mood and productivity, essential in an industry where human capital accounting for 90% of a company’s operating costs guests satisfaction being one of the critical success factors.

Also, hotels can customize their smart panels to match any kind of architectural design as well as the size, shape, and thickness of the building without losing their unique identity.

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The benefits for hotels?

  • Privacy: Whether staying in a room alone or sharing it with a travel companion, having a sense of privacy is critical to feelings of comfort. With liquid crystal switchable glass film, also known as smart glass or privacy glass, allows glass to switch from transparent to opaque for an open atmosphere or privacy on demand. See how The Crowne Plaza in Singapore’s Changi Airport, rated the #1 hotel (2015 – 2019) by Skytrax, utilizes smart glass bathroom enclosures.
  • Customization: Comfort is key, thus having the flexibility to alter the look and feel of a space is not only a luxury but a necessity. Having the ability to customize the lighting in a room is no different. Natural light is almost always preferred over artificial light, and making use of it supports a guest’s experience and the hotel’s bottom line. 
  • Cleanliness: Dirty carpets, fabric curtains, bed covers, and all other fabrics collect dust and odors combined make a room feel unsanitary. With the increased use of glass in hotel design for space optimization and better access to light, the first go-to for privacy or shading is shutters or fabric curtains that are ugly, collect germs, and since they are hard to clean – don’t get cleaned. Switchable glass partitions and smart glass windows completely eliminate the need for drapes and shades, making guest rooms more sterile.
  • The illusion of space: Most hotel rooms are limited in terms of space, and guests feel it. For some guests, the first thing they notice when they walk into a room is the size. How many times have you said – “wow, this room is huge!” or “this room is so small”. Just because a space is small, doesn’t mean it needs to FEEL small. To overcome small spaces, many hotels are turning to glass partitions, mainly for bathroom enclosures. Glass partitions make spaces feel bigger with transparency for an open atmosphere and glass walls themselves consume less space than traditional studded walls, not only giving a sense of space, but actually saving square footage. 
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Several major organizations and institutions have already installed smart glasses in their buildings, including Hilton Universal City in Los Angeles and The Curtis DoubleTree Hotel in Denver.

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