Electric Switchable Privacy Insulated Glass Units

Complete Privacy Control At Your Fingertips

Easy to Install and Connect


Light Transmission

Electrical Parameters

Environmental Parameters

Visible Light (ON)
Visible Light (OFF)
Haze (ON)
Haze (OFF)
IR Blocking (ON)
IR Blocking (OFF)
UV Blocking (ON/OFF)
Solar Heat Gain Co-efficiency - SHGC (ON)
Solar Heat Gain Co-efficiency - SHGC (OFF)

Physical Parameters



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IGU Features

We offer a double or triple glazed option, which combines all the benefits of superior thermal glazing with switchable technology.
ISGU offers thermal insulation performance, sound reduction and enhanced security.

Glass Thickness

ISGU Maximum Size

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Double or Triple ISGU


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Low E coating increases thermal performance by reducing ultraviolet and infrared light coming through the glass, but it doesn’t compromise the amount of visible light that is transferred.

Low Emissivity (low E) Glass

Low E is a common abbreviation of “Low Emissivity”. Low Emissivity means a surface that gives off low levels of radiant heat. Therefore, a glass window with a Low E coating will reduce the amount of heat transfer, making your house warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer.

Comparison Image Low Iron

Low-Iron Glass

Nearly invisible low-iron glass is the clearest glass on the market today. Low-iron glass is produced through a special process in which the iron particles are removed from the glass. 

The iron particles are what give the regular glass a greenish tint. Removing these particles results in an ultra-clear glass.

Argon Gas

Argon gas is a naturally occurring, non-harmful gas. When argon gas is inserted between the panes of glass it increases the insulating performance of ISGU. Argon gas is denser than air, so adding it to the air between the two panes improves thermal insulation efficiency.

When a glazing unit features Low E glass and argon gas it brings the temperature of the window closer to room temperature.  This combination eliminates air currents and drafts that occur when differing temperatures meet.

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igu smart glass


Our switchable ISGU’s utilize a warm edge spacer bar with desiccant absorbent to offer greater insulation and performance. When it’s cold outside and warm inside, heat escapes through the spacer leaving the inside edge of the window colder than the rest of it. This heat loss means more heating is needed to maintain a comfortable indoor temperature. Under certain conditions, especially in colder temperatures, the moisture we breathe and produce from cooking and everyday living condense on the coldest surface, usually along the edges on the inside of the window. Over time persistent condensation becomes a breeding ground for mold and bacteria. Mold spores get into the air we breathe and can aggravate breathing conditions and other health problems.

ISGU is simple to install just like any standard glazed sealed unit.

This energy-saving product is completely solid-state requiring no maintenance or special cleaning requirements.

Imagine living in a world which offers you complete control over your comfort/privacy/security all at the flick of a switch, without the fuss and clutter of blinds or curtains.



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