James Bond yacht uses switchable Smart Glass for privacy

Fatima Blush: Oh, how reckless of me. I made you all wet.
James Bond: Yes, but my martini is still dry. My name is James.”

Do you, a Smart Glass movie lover, remember what movie this quote is from? Sean Connery fans screaming – “Never Say Never Again”, 1983.

As the fans of this unrivaled spy, notorious womanizer and masculine icon ourselves, the Smart Glass Technologies Team was very excited to work on one of the yachts that was filmed in this legendary movie – introducing the “Small World”…

Screen Shot 2020 02 05 at 5.11.41 PM

Our team was honored to be chosen for that delicate job – putting the Smart Film on top of the “star”- yacht windows.

It was the second yacht project for Smart Glass Technologies (check the first one here).

As with the majority of yacht owners, Jack had an issue with blocking the sunlight whenever this was necessary. He had some experience with the shutters, but this time wanted the best innovative technology for his 44 year-old princess.

Direct exposure to UV and Infrared radiation is not only bad for the floors and furniture, but also to your health. Smart Glass and Smart Film block 98% of harmful UV rays and 95% infrared radiation protecting you and your loved ones. 

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Smart Technologies certified installer had to face two big challenges:

  1. Impeccably measure the rounded corners
  2. Install the Smart Film on the green glass 

I In order to solve the first issue, we used patterns. The process started with putting a blue tape of the right size pattern and then removing everything altogether. Then another solution was found – the repair workers measured each window from frame to frame and cut out the wooden pattern of each size, so the Smart Glass Technologies installer could manually adjust the patterns and measure every corner for the Smart Film. The job had to be neatly done, as everything on the boat is custom-sized. 

For the second issue, our installer put a lot of effort into inspecting and cleaning the glass, as some of the scratches are harder to spot on green glass, than on transparent glass. But with our experience, everything is possible! 

Screen Shot 2020 02 05 at 5.15.41 PM

The Smart Film was placed on 8 windows with a total of 77 square feet. Three power transformers were connected to control the privacy from three separate switches. The whole job was neatly done in two days. 

The customer was very happy with the results and promised to take the whole Smart Glass Technologies Team on a boat trip once the remodeling was finished. 

By the way, Small World was also photographed on the last picture of the Twin Towers, a few minutes before the first airplane crashed on September 11, 2001. 

Photo is currently displayed in the 9/11 Museum in NYC. 

Remarkably, the photographer attempted to take this picture many times but the lighting was not right until that moment on 9/11.

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