Multiple Smart Glass Offices in New Jersey

Client: Alderfer Glass
Date: November 2020
Location: New Jersey, USA
Product: PriWatt™ Film
Square Footage: 350 SQFT
Area: Private Offices

In our recent project, we had the great pleasure to work on a huge project for the Alderfer Glass in New Jersey. Our team of certified professional technicians installed a total of 350 SQFT of PriWatt Smart Film which completely changed the look and efficiency of the office. 

Meeting rooms and even offices are spaces that generally require privacy when being used. Oftentimes, these tend to be badly arranged for needed privacy, and at the same time, it can be challenging to offer privacy and to not completely cut them off from the rest of the workplace. Particularly, when your space is restricted or your organization culture supports an open environment. Smart Glass gives you the option to switch between privacy and receptiveness, adjusting the room upon your requirements. This grants you more prominent adaptability with where you can install a switchable glass, immediately transforming basic rooms into a gathering room or private workspace, permitting the greatest utilization of your investment. 

Priwatt Smart Film in workplaces can help lighten up low light areas, improving the overall experience at the office, making your staff feel great by allowing them the chance to switch between an open and private climate at the press of a button. Exposure to sunlight is notable to be a significant factor to employees well being and higher productivity levels. Having the option to switch among opaque and clear makes switchable glass an ideal and pragmatic addition to an office space.

The interest and innovation of switchable technology is likely to intrigue your customers as well. Seeing that your office has hightech details will grant your credibility and give a positive impression of your company.

Additionally, Smart Glass can be used as a projector screen. This has an incredible preferred position for businesses, particularly when used in meeting rooms or different areas where meetings are frequently held. The screen can be effectively used for showing presentations during work gatherings or events. When not used for presentations, you can benefit from this amazing feature by displaying slideshows of useful information about your company or promotion materials. This makes switchable technology an extraordinary replacement for printable materials, often used in offices, being more environmentally friendly, and flexible.

Priwatt Smart Glass redesigns the look and feel of a space, expands efficiency while permitting both protection and an open plan. Numerous corporate workplaces are currently utilizing smart switchable glass, windows, entryways, and glass walls, and the interest is only growing.

Contact us for an estimate as we will gladly transform your working space into a more modern and efficient one!


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