No Wires-No Worries! Wireless Tintintuitive™ Self-Tinting Windows

Nowadays,  the environment is surrounded by intelligent devices. From smart doorbells to internet-connected refrigerators. Everything is so “smart”- but fortuitously, house or office windows can be the same!

Smart Glass Technologies became an exclusive dealer of photochromic self-tinting windows! Yes, as easy as it sounds!

Most of our dynamic glass systems require mechanical support, such as electricity or computer software, but Self-Tinting glass eliminate all of these worries, because Self-Tinting Window constantly adapts to changing sunlight, conditions and do not require any kind of electrical assistance.

Tintuitive™ Self-Tinting Windows contains carbon-based molecules that change their molecular structure when UV light strikes them, and become dark. Similarly, in the absence of UV light, the molecules reverse to their original shape, making the glass clear once again.

It is acknowledged, energy consumption is one of the hottest topics when it comes to  smart innovative homes, the tendency to reduce energy grows so fast that our  company is  looking for reliable solutions for reducing the need of electricity. 

According to important factors like this, Smart Glass Technologies came with the amazing innovative product-self tinting windows, that are absolutely wireless, based on the movement of the sun.

The glass is tinted as long as it is exposed to the sun, as soon as the sun moves off the glass it becomes clear. The windows remain clear as well on cloudy days, providing visibility.

This product has so many benefits, starting with:

Self tinting glass can reduce costs associated with air conditioning, heating and lighting – activities that typically account for as much as 50% of a building’s energy consumption, as a company with clear and healthy visions, we think about the environment, nature and our children, this is how we came up with the idea of introducing self tinting glass wich, I believe, is a big step for an ecological future” says William Vaslie Turcan, Owner of Smart Glass Technologies

Besides energy efficiency, self tinting glass has many more benefits.

Because of the UV Protection, self tinting windows offer maintenance of health, as it is proven that the headache, drowsiness and eyestrain are reduce in a considerable percentage.

The windows are an environment friendly product,  as they do not are based on systems that would cause pollution of the atmosphere.

The Photochromic Self-Tinting Windows are bird safe, which means it has no recording pattering in the glass, due to this feature, this windows system reduces the collisions between birds and buildings, which is very common in the developed areas.)

Rather than fumbling with blinds, the windows of the future could change their tint or opacity powered by the weather and easily adapting to it, to keep out unwanted heat, light or attention from the outside and not at least, to give the ambiance a new, healthy day of tomorrow!

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