Privacy Smart Glass for automatic sliding doors

A leading USA manufacturer of high-end sliding doors has chosen PriWatt™ Glass for a residential project in Los Angeles. The glass is in place to obtain the best possible levels of privacy and safety, incorporating too the option of letting your garage doors slide automatically.

The company is famous for its innovative solutions, which are constantly praised by architects and designers around the world. The desire to create a modern look was expressed by the customers who wanted their garage doors to be as elegant and futuristic as their home, but also functional and safe.

The ability to enjoy the car collection from the interior and have privacy when needed is the latest trend in garage design. Opening and closing the Smart Glass door automatically is another important feature of this project.

During the testing of various available options in the market, one type of glass stood out: PriWatt™ Glass.

PriWatt™ Glass is electric switchable privacy smart glass that turns clear (transparent) or opaque (frosted) from a switch or remote, giving a modern and futuristic finish to any real estate project.

Smart Glass can be easily installed as any regular laminated tempered glass. It can be installed by any certified glazier, and connected to power by any certified electrician.

Maintaining and cleaning the smart glass is simple. Unlike draperies, blinds, and shutters, glass collects only a fraction of dust, so cleaning is kept to a minimum: turn it off and use a soft cloth and gentle soap. When done, ensure there is no water or soap left on the glass or the edges.

This project exemplifies how PriWatt™ Glass can be the ideal solution for any residential project. The glass can be controlled with a variety of devices and can be easily configured to work with your smart home through the app.

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