Privacy Switchable Smart Film Houston Texas

Client: Kirby Corporation
Date: June, 2020
Location: Houston, Texas, USA
Product: PriWatt™ Film
Square Footage: 700 SF
Area: Office

Kirby Corporation, founded in 1969, headquartered in Houston, Texas is the largest tank barge operator in the United States, transporting bulk liquid products throughout the Mississippi River System, on the Gulf Intracoastal Waterway, along all three U.S. Coasts, and in Alaska and Hawaii. Kirby Inland Marine operates the nation’s largest fleet of inland tank barges and towing vessels.

Kirby’s service area spans America’s inland waterway network including The Gulf Intracoastal Waterway, the Mississippi River System, the Illinois River, the Ohio River and operates 884 active inland tank barges, 251 active towing vessels and five fleets.


The Smart Glass Technologies Team was honored to contribute to the development of the Kirby Corporation headquarters, 4 private offices and 1 conference room to be exact.



The renovation of the Kirby headquarters has started in February 2020, and this executive floor was planned to be one of the busiest spots of the building. Kirby Corporation’s board of directors has always had the interest to try the Smart Glass technology – and this floor presented an ideal opportunity.



The Smart Glass is perfect for work spaces, allowing businesses to maintain an open, all glass work environment. The Smart Glass functionality empowers professionals with variable tinting/privacy, turning their switchable glass from clear to opaque, gradually or instantly, using a dimmer or switch.



Meeting rooms and boardrooms are often areas with a need for privacy, but that  doesn’t mean they have to be sectioned off from the rest of the office, cutting out light and creating a claustrophobic environment. Smart Glass supports a collaborative work environment turning your entire glass into a white board or a TV screen. 



As mentioned above, Smart Glass offers 4 major advantages for office usage:

  • Privacy on demand
    Privacy on demand is just one of the benefits of using the Smart Glass. Whether a new development or an office refurbishment, Smart Glass is the perfect choice. It can be for a conference room, meeting room or a class, the biggest benefit of the Smart Glass is the complete privacy on demand. From partitioning a shared office for increased productivity to having low profile window treatments the possibilities are endless.

  • Improved Hygiene With No Glare
    Smart Glass is a future workplace solution, which provides you with the opaque mode, plus is ultra-hygienic and easy-to-clean. No more blinds and curtains on the office windows, which were poorly rated in spreading of bacteria within shared office environment.


  • Soundproofing properties minimize distracting noise
    Smart Glass helps employees to avoid distractions and disturbance. With acoustic rating (Rw) in 35-36 Db, switchable Smart Glass provides a fantastic way to create an environment of isolation, the ultimate shut off from the outside world, which is ideal for working.
  • Use as a whiteboard or a projection screen
    Being a light polarizing matter, the Switch Glass performs unbelievably great, literally boosting the images’ contrast and brightness. These features allow using the rear projection even during a daytime with moderate levels of ambient lighting. In conjunction with an array of laser projectors, the Switch Glass can work as a huge facade video wall, allowing everybody in the office be engaged in the process.


The total square footage of the project contained 700 SF.
The SGT Certified Installation Team flew out from the headquarters, Miami, FL, to Houston, TX, to place the Switch Film on 26 glass panels.

For each office was used a separate transformer, that was pre-wired and hidden by our Certified Installers before the Smart Film installation.

In 6 days the installation part for the whole project was completed, and the Smart Film was installed in 4 offices and 1 conference room.



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