PriWatt Smart Glass Fence for an ocean front villa

Smart Glass Technologies marks another milestone in its technological prowess and innovative capacity with the successful completion of a distinguished project in Los Angeles, California.

The residents of this luxurious property desired an innovative solution to their unique challenge: preserving their ocean view while ensuring utmost privacy and security. We rose to this challenge by integrating a state-of-the-art PriWatt smart glass fence. At a tap of a button, this fence transitions from fully transparent, allowing the residents to savor the ocean view, to fully opaque, providing needed privacy.

The challenge we faced was to enable the residents to relish the remarkable ocean views without compromising their privacy. Our innovative solution was the PriWatt Smart Glass Fence – a switchable smart glass mechanism that allows the glass to transition from being transparent to opaque instantly using low-voltage electricity.

The PriWatt Smart Glass Fence implemented consists of low iron, tempered, EVA laminated glass with a total overall thickness of 13/16″.

The use of low iron glass ensures optimal clarity while the EVA lamination process enhances the safety and durability characteristics of the glass.

The result is a durable, highly resilient, and aesthetically pleasing smart glass fence.

A unique aspect of this project is the integration of a smart home controller into the smart glass system. This enables the residents to control the state of transparency of the fence using their home automation pads. Furthermore, an automated system has been programmed to switch the glass to its opaque state during the night, enhancing privacy and security.

The installation of the glass was carried out meticulously by a certified glazing company from California, with Smart Glass Technologies’ representative overseeing the low-voltage connections and system setup, ensuring that the smart glass fence was perfectly integrated into the property’s existing smart home infrastructure.

This case study showcases the transformative potential of smart glass in revolutionizing the architectural design and enhancing the user experience. Our PriWatt Smart Glass Fence is a testament to how smart glass technology can balance aesthetics, privacy, and advanced tech integration.


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