PriWatt™ Smart Glass is Made In USA Miami Florida

Smart Glass Technologies was founded in 2018 in Miami, Florida, and with capabilities spanning the United States and Canada, Smart Glass Technologies (SGT GLOBAL) is an exclusive dealer for Smart Glass Group, the fastest-growing manufacturer of switchable privacy Smart Film and Smart Glass in the North American market.

Smart Glass Technologies is a leading innovative company offering the widest variety of design options when it comes to superior quality switchable privacy glass, self-adhesive PDLC (Polymer-Dispersed Liquid Crystal) film, and photochromic self-tinting windows technology.

Smart Glass Technologies has more than 15 teams of certified smart film installers in the USA and Canada. SGT is the first company in the industry to have the distinction of providing Smart Film installation training worldwide. Smart Glass Technologies devotes all of its attention to detail to ensure that customers receive the highest-quality products and installation.

With installations all over the world that range from the simplest residential bedroom or bathroom window to the most complex installations for some of the world’s most reputable companies — Boeing, Netflix, Miami Dade College, Toronto North York Hospital, the US Department of Defense, TD-Bank, and others — today Smart Glass Technologies is considered the primary player in the switchable glass and PDLC film market. 

What is Smart Glass?

Smart Glass is an electrically switchable film that is placed between two layers of glass (laminated between two glass panels). The lamination line and oven allow us to create high-quality laminated glass with excellent adhesion and outstanding clarity.

Smart Glass Group uses tempered, low-iron glass and SGCC approved EVA interlayer. Often specified on interior architectural projects, EVA offers excellent clarity with consistent and reliable coloration and superior strength.

A simple ON – OFF mode switches the Smart Glass from being clear (transparent) to frosted (opaque). In its frosted state, the glass acts as an electronic blind providing privacy and security. Custom shapes and sizes can be created, and multiple pieces can be joined together to create large switchable glazed panels or partitions.

Smart Glass can be controlled with a variety of devices and can be easily configured to work with your smart home through the app.

Smart Glass can be used on office windows, boardroom windows or office partitions to create private working and meeting spaces quickly at your fingertips.

Made In USA Miami Florida

Smart Glass Group is offering Smart Glass made in USA and is able to communicate efficiently with the customers from USA and Canada. SGT can focus more on product quality and customer relations than logistics. The Florida-based manufacturing facility allows us to quickly get your orders manufactured and shipped out on time. The regular production time is 20-Days and delivery 5-10 Days.

UL Recognized PDCL Interlayer

UL” is short for Underwriters Laboratories, an organization which has been testing and approving products for consumer safety since 1894. UL is a global independent safety science company offering expertise in certification, validation, testing, inspections, auditing, education and advisory services. UL breadth, established objectivity and proven history mean they are a symbol of trust.


Smart Glass is installed just like regular glass. A local licensed glazier installs the glass, and an electrician connects it to the power source. Installation time depends on project size and the installer’s schedule. As well Smart Glass Technologies has the distinction of providing certified installers in major US and Canadian cities. In-house delivery, certified glaziers, electricians, and automation specialists will provide the best integration service.

How to place an order?

1. Send us the measurements, total square footage, and other project details.

2. SGT local representative will send an estimate and contact you to answer all the questions you may have about the product and processes.

3. Lead Time: Manufacturing and delivery average between 4 to 5 weeks (from receipt of a purchase order and deposit) depending on the scale and location of the job. From time to time, we are able to produce a job in less time, depending on current work in progress.

4. Smart Glass Technologies will deliver the Smart Glass to your door and assign a local project manager who can assist you with an electrical low-voltage connection.

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