Rear Projection and Smart Film Installation

This project is very unique, the client used the smart film for a home-cinema room. Here is the description following by a video from beginning to end how we actually did it.

We used in a total of about 600 sqft of smart film. 200 was used for the exterior window and sliding doors, and 400 for 2 custom made home-cinema. 

  • First, we cleaning the glass. We need to make sure, glass is perfectly clean and no scratches on it. This is not a regular cleaning, this is a cleaning mixed with the glass inspection, at this point, our technician is checking all the glass imperfection and making notes, where he needs to be more careful with the film application. 
  • After we prepared the glass surface we unroll the film and visually inspect it. We don’t need to test it because we know for sure a couple of days ago it was tested at our facility by the manufacturer team.
  • Next, our team is applying the smart film to the glass. Very important to feel the surface, and identify the bubbles right away, in case we find a bubble, we have a special technic to remove it. 
  • After the film is applied, we using the non-conductive silicone to isolate all the edges. 
  • Another important part of the Smart Film installation process is wiring. The wiring has 2 parts: how to hide the wires, and how to connect wires to doors. Sometimes we have sliding doors and we need to be very creative to find out a solution. Or we can have regular doors and we using our special wire-hinges. Our installers have a lot of experience and the ability to deal with any type of doors. 
  • when we finish to hide and connect all the low voltage wires, a certified electrician will connect to the main source of power. 
  • We will run all the tests and carefully inspect the film, to make sure, we don’t have any bobbles or any imperfection.
  • At this particular project, the client wants to have a rear projection on the glass wall, and use the smart glass like a TV. Yes, you are able to use smart film and smart glass like an HDTV, because of PDLC crystals technology. 
  • We tested the indoor cinema and it looks amazing, the client was very happy. 
  • To complete suck a project we need about 20 days.
  • 10 days will take the production of the film, 4 days delivery and logistics, and about 6 days the installation. 




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