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Coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) is an infectious illness that can spread from person to person. It’s an unprecedented pandemic requiring extraordinary solidarity between all people,  to urgently respond and support nations health. 

Most health experts believe that the COVID-19 pandemic will increase the financial burdens on healthcare and commercial systems, to strengthen the infection prevention efforts. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommends routine disinfecting of frequently touched environmental surfaces including privacy curtains and encourages regular hand washing. Studies suggest that Coronavirus may survive on surfaces for a few hours or up to several days. 

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The anti-microbial properties of the ultra-hygienic and easy-to-clean Smart Glass add a hygienic and cost-effective alternative not only to hospitals’ traditional disposable curtains but also to residential and office drapes, without compromising anybody’s privacy.

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PRIVACY CURTAINS: Contamination Facts

Privacy curtains can fly under the radar in terms of the role they play in the transmission of infectious agents.

Microorganisms can survive and persist in privacy curtains for extended periods despite attempts to disinfect them and can be transferred to the hands of healthcare personnel or office workers.

Reports showed that privacy curtains changed only if they are visibly soiled or – in case of the hospital- if the patient has a known antibiotic-resistant organism.

Smart Glass Technologies response to The COVID-19 Pandemic

Smart Glass converts healthcare facilities, residential and commercial space windows into easy-to-clean switchable privacy curtains.

Smart Glass Technologies believes that not only will be increased demand for disinfectants, but also most products within hospital facilities and commercial spaces will be reconsidered in terms of its environmental surface type and decontamination procedure.

Due to the complicated laundering requirements, labour-intensive, time-consuming and cost, fewer efforts are placed on decontaminating soft porous surfaces such as privacy curtains in most healthcare facilities and offices.

Smart Glass Technologies harnessed its extensive experience in privacy systems to cope with this pandemic impact and the increased concerns about the decontamination efficiency of porous surfaces.


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Smart Glass incorporates natural light, space and place conditions into building the environment, which contributes to an overall healthier human experience for increased productivity and less absenteeism.

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Smart Glass contributes to preserving the environment & reducing pollution—the LC molecules classified as non-toxic metalions, free from ozone-depleting chemicals and toxic compounds.

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The flat and non-porous surface of the Smart Glass helps to convert it to an ultra-hygienic & cost-effective alternative instead of traditional and disposable curtains.

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Smart Glass is ultra-hygienic and easy-to-clean. No more blinds and curtains, which were poorly rated in spreading of bacteria within healthcare & office facilities.

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Smart Glass adds a layer of security, decreasing the chances of intruders breaking in. The smart glass adds 0.4mm of very durable PDLC film, in effect strengthening the glass, without ever compromising your view.

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Smart Glass is proven to minimize the effects of high/low external temperatures from affecting your interior temperature, essentially saving you on energy costs. Operating at 48V AC, Smart Glass consumes less than 5 Watts per square meter when on (transparent) and 0 Watts when off (opaque).

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Direct exposure to UV and Infrared radiation is not only bad for your floors and furniture but also to your health. Smart Glass blocks 98% of harmful UV rays and 95% infrared radiation. Protecting you and your patients.

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Smart Glass can be used as whiteboards when in opaque (OFF) state. The HD display capabilities make it ideal for rear projection purposes.

Smart Glass: the highest Return On Investment

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Lower the overall capital and operating expenses with the Smart Glass over time in the form of a reduction in expenses, increasing profitability as well as resources conservation and protection in all sectors.

  • Lower labor costs
  • Lower maintenance cost
  • Lower curtains laundering costs
  • Minimize infection prevention cost
  • Reduced fading of interior furniture
  • Improve productivity within the working environment
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Smart Glass Quality

As a responsible company, Smart Glass Technologies aims to improve people’s quality of life and increase awareness of direct exposure to damaging radiation and decrease energy consumption with associated financial loss. We consistently strive to provide the highest quality products and services to all clients.

  • UL Certified product
  • Industry-leading UV stability PDLC Smart Film
  • UL Certified Transformer, IP Rating: IP56
  • IEC 61558-2-4:2009 Standard for transformer isolation safety.
  • An unprecedented level of knowledge and experience
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If you care about your health, please contact us or call +1 (786) 472-6712

Stay safe!



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