Skylight with Switchable Smart Glass

Client: Residential
Date: January 2021
Location: West Palm Beach, USA
Product: PriWatt™ Glass (1/2″ Laminated, Low Iron, 29 5/8” W x 161” H)
Square Footage: 400 SQFT
Area: Residential

Skylight windows are generally glass windows in the ceiling, permitting the light from the sky to spill into the room, while keeping its inhabitants shielded from the outdoors.

A skylight allows you to look directly into the sky from within a room, bringing the immense visual benefits of natural light to your space. Nonetheless, probably the most concerning issue with these windows is the lack of privacy.

The actual idea of a lookout skylight window is to be set on the roof, and most roofs are not accessible. This is dangerous as security turns into a genuine problem, especially in urban areas and developed neighborhoods. Blinds or shades would traditionally be the simplest solution to the privacy issue of windows, but the horizontal orientation of the skylight makes most curtains useless and blinds a major problem. The height of the skylight itself can make it not only tricky to install but incredibly tedious to work from underneath and possibly even look messy.

One of the best solutions is Switchable Smart Glass skylights that solve this problem at the touch of a button. Using PriWatt PDLC Film technology, the glass is transformed from transparent to opaque with a remote that can be controlled from far away. The ability to control the glass from transparent to frosted at any time has significant advantages.

It switches instantly, which means that in the case of any privacy issues, you can quickly set the glass to hazy and to its original state by simply pressing a button. There is also an important aspect of switchable technology that goes beyond traditional blinds – switchable smart glass does not completely block the light. This means that even in the opaque state, a shade of natural light can still penetrate the glass, rather than inconsistent light blocked by blinds.

This is extremely important for areas where atmosphere and light are taken into account. Offices, for example, rarely require opaque blinds or curtains, as numerous studies have shown that natural light can have a dramatic impact on mood and productivity, making this a high deliberation for designers and employers, especially in the workplace.

Also, skylights are oftentimes used as a design feature that looks amazing in an interior. You might dislike blocking them with curtains or blinds, but at the same time, they expose your place to the outside world, and in this case flexible privacy is a wonderful advantage. You can profit from the amazing view and natural light while having full control over when and for how long you want it exposed.

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