Smart Film for Multifold Patio Doors

The project involved installing switchable privacy Smart Film on the Multifold Patio Doors of a client’s home in a suburban area in Austin, Texas. The main reason for the installation was to provide privacy from the neighboring houses while still allowing natural light to come in. The client was pleased to learn that the PriWatt smart film also had the secondary benefit of reducing energy costs by blocking 95% of UV and 85% of infrared.

The project was completed by a certified installation team in Austin, Texas, with years of experience in installing switchable privacy smart film. They have a reputation for providing high-quality services to their clients, and they were the perfect choice for the

The most challenging part of the project was the wire connection to each panel. The installers had to ensure that the wires were properly connected and hidden from view, as the client did not want any visible wires. To solve this problem, the installers used a reel cable, which allowed them to connect the wires without leaving any visible marks.

Despite the challenges, the installation process was completed within the agreed timeline, and the client was very satisfied with the final result. The switchable privacy smart film provided them with the privacy they needed while still allowing natural light to come in. Additionally, the client noticed a significant heat reduction, which was an added bonus that they had not initially considered.

A similar solution was used for a bathroom sliding door, please see the video:

Overall, the Smart Glass Technologies team provided high-quality services and overcame the challenges that came with the project. The client was pleased with the final result of Smart Film for Multifold Patio Doors and would recommend Smart Glass Technologies to anyone looking for a similar solution.


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