Save on energy consumption, decrease interior damage due to sun exposure, improved security, low maintenance privacy glass solution.


Whether you have a boardroom meeting with confidential discussions, a private interview with a potential employer, or simply want some personal space to focus, PriWatt™ Film and PriWatt™ Glass provide you with the ultimate control over your privacy.


Provide patients with instant privacy in dental ordinations and waiting rooms. Whether you are looking for a customizable smart glass solution in the reception area or in the doctors’ office, PriWatt™ Film and PriWatt™ Glass is designed to help healthcare professionals create instant and reliable privacy.


Whether we are thinking of a small change or an entire rebuilding of one’s bathroom, PriWatt™ Glass and PriWatt™ Film could be a perfect solution to keep it both clean and functional. Available glass partitions could visually add space and provide more light than before.


Smart Glass promotes a relaxed and ideal study atmosphere, it provides the needed privacy for the students and increases focus within classrooms. It is the perfect solution for all types of educational facilities, schools, universities, training centers and libraries.

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