Smart Glass Bathroom in New York

Client: Residential Home
Date: October 2020
Location: New Jersey, USA
Product: PriWatt™ Film
Square Footage: 250 SF
Area: Private Residential


PriWatt™ Smart Film, which also can be referred to as electronically switchable film, provides an array of opportunities to control light, glare, and UV radiation while reducing electricity consumption. It is highly durable, easy to maintain, and offers privacy on demand by the switch of a button.

As individuals progressively seek innovation to help with more proficient answers for their necessities, we are seeing more interest for our Switchable Smart Film. As one of the world’s driving companies in the Smart Film industry, SGT GLOBAL is going over some unique utilizations of our items that leave even us intrigued, with a wide scope of alternatives open to residential use, making it simpler to utilize and more available.

Our recent residential client chose a range of ways to make her home in New York more comfortable, smart, and private by installing our PriWatt™ Smart Film in her bathroom and common living spaces..

Our certified technicians were glad to install the smart film in a modern bathroom with a variety of switching methods to give the best privacy options, while being able to let in natural light. The smart film can be arranged in distinct ways so you can make it fully opaque or partially.


Privacy is at the very heart of this innovation, so it appears to be just expected as one of the advantages of Switchable Smart Film, to be its flexibility and diversity. The undeniable applications are developing every day, permitting the utilization of this fantastic smart glass technology in any spots of your home.

Nonetheless, while seeing Smart Film in new and fascinating applications is energizing, it is the regular employment of this innovation that carries us closer to our central goal of making switchable protection more open, and accessible.

Switchable Smart Doors offer low upkeep, are financially efficient, due to energy savings, and a great answer for protection. Without confining the progression of light, switchable film assists with changing beforehand dull rooms into spaces that vibe open and splendid, keeping a basic feeling of privacy to feel good in your own home.


Switchable PriWatt™ Film likewise offers an option in contrast to blinds and drapes, eliminating visual mess and furthermore eliminating the need to residue and clean them.

It’s also very easy to use, giving you immediate switchable protection at the press of a button or remote. Ready to be coordinated into room control and mechanization frameworks, Smart Film product functions as an incredible expansion to the state of art technology. This is especially predominant as brilliant home innovation grows in popularity.

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