Smart Glass Film Low Voltage Wire Connection

Smart Glass can be installed anywhere that ordinary glass can be installed, but the challenge that we constantly have is: “How to connect and hide the low voltage wires and transformer?”.

Please see below some wire connection solutions for fixed glass panels and sliding doors.

Fixed glass panels
Typically a fixed smart glass wall is installed inside of aluminum U-channels that are on the top and bottom. To do so, the glass is lifted inside of the top channel and then pulled down and rested on the setting blocks inside of the bottom channel. The wires are located on the top where there is about one inch of space that can be used to run the wires.


If the glass has already been installed you won’t be able to use U-channels for wiring, but no worries you can use an L-shaped channel to hide the busbar and wires and seal the edges with silicone.


With a wooden frame, you can hide everything behind the glass stops to achieve a seamless and clean look.


Each connection design is based on your specific door hardware. Usually, busbars are located on the top and covered with a U-channel and the power transfer is done using a wire loop. Our special wires have metal and silicon jacks that can be bent over 1 million times, plus they look stylish.


There are multiple options for smart glass doors with a frame. Our mini power loop has a thickness of less than one-fourth of an inch and can be used to connect operable doors and windows by mounting it on the top and inside of the frame. Magnetic connectors allow you to switch the glass on and off when the door is closed. A third option is power transfer hinges. (There is an example of a power transfer hinge that allows you to run wires from frame to door.)


Smart glass and film are the perfect solutions for covering sliding doors where other window treatments simply do not work. We offer PriWatt Reel Cable wire what is hidden inside of a specially designed frame and travels along the track.

Smart Glass is an amazingly innovative product and our wire connection solutions make it easy to install. We offer free consultation just request an estimate online.


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