The Jason Oppenheim Smart Glass Project on Netflix’s ‘Selling Sunset’

In the glitzy universe of luxury real estate, innovative design fused with the latest technology is essential. The Netflix series ‘Selling Sunset’ takes viewers on a tour of some of Los Angeles’ most glamorous properties. One standout moment is a project helmed by Smart Glass Technologies, featured in the penthouse of real estate broker star, Jason Oppenheim.

This magnificent penthouse, nestled on Hollywood Boulevard, exemplifies luxury living. A key design element is its extensive use of glass, allowing natural light to flood the space, crafting an ambiance of openness and fluidity.

The closet, an area where the duality of privacy and light is paramount, proved a design challenge. Traditional solutions like blinds or curtains could compromise the aesthetic integrity and impede the flow of natural light. The answer was found in the innovative application of PriWatt Film.

PriWatt Film, a revolutionary product by Smart Glass Technologies, transforms any glass surface into a switchable pane that toggles between transparency and opacity at the flick of a button. Implementing this technology in the closet, the space could maintain its bright and airy aesthetic while offering the added benefit of instant privacy.

Choosing PriWatt Film for this high-profile project underscores its ability to meet the exacting demands of luxury real estate. Jason Oppenheim’s decision to incorporate our technology in his esteemed Hollywood Boulevard penthouse underscores how PriWatt Film effortlessly marries style, privacy, and light, a perfect fit for any sophisticated design.

This successful project with Jason Oppenheim, a key player in Netflix’s ‘Selling Sunset,’ is a testament to how Smart Glass Technologies is able to meet the unique demands of discerning clientele. Whether it’s an opulent residential space or a high-end office, we deliver products and services that seamlessly integrate innovative technology with unparalleled style.


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