Smart Glass Technologies opened a new branch office in Phoenix Arizona

Client: Residential Home
Date: April 2021
Location: Phoenix, Arizona
Product: PriWatt™ Film
Square Footage: 250 SF
Area: Private Residential

The Smart Glass Technologies team is growing, which gives us the ability to reach new locations, fulfill more dreams, and provide the best Smart Glass technology to more homes, workplaces, and commercial spaces.

This month we opened a new branch office in Phoenix, Arizona, here is our most recent project there, summarized.

Our new team of skilled and experienced technicians installed 250 square feet of PriWatt Smart Film in our client’s home, completely transforming its appearance and efficiency. They worked for two days with a certified electrical team to make it happen.

A house in the desert is a dream come true, with large windows exposing amazing views, as far as the eye can see, vast expanses of richly colored earth and blue skies! Tranquil, calming surroundings that will help you free your soul and clear your mind of any nagging thoughts.

With its simplicity in nature and style, allowing the elements of the desert landscape to shine through, this is desert modern architecture at its finest. That said, privacy is also needed because the interior is commonly exposed. In this situation, our technology highlights, preserving the sleek look and providing the necessary privacy at the desired time, all with a simple click.

PriWatt Film is a form of film that can change clarity and opacity at the flick of a switch, resulting in what is often referred to as “smart glass.”

PriWatt Film can be added to existing glass or laminated into the glass during the manufacturing process, making it an excellent solution for a wide range of new and existing projects.

We are pleased to announce the opening of a new office in Phoenix. Please contact us for an estimate, as we are now closer to you and able to provide you with the ideal solution that fusions privacy and elegant design!


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