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  • In 2015, “Smart Glass Group” was founded by Anton Yerkey in Toronto, Canada. The manufacturer was developing a high-quality, ultra-clear PriWatt™ Smart Film and other switchable products.

  • In 2018, Smart Glass Technologies, founded by William Vasile Turcan, became an exclusive distributor for Smart Glass Group and began substantially growing the Smart Glass USA market. In addition, Smart Glass Technologies also offers on-site estimates, installation service, and full support to local contractors provided by the local distributors. 

  • In 2020 Smart Glass Technologies became the fastest-growing switchable privacy glass and PDLC film supplier in the North American market, which proves the opening of other major branches in Miami, New York, Los Angeles, Phoenix, Austin, San Francisco, Toronto and Vancouver.

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  • PriWatt™ Film Made in Canada (UL Recognized)
  • PriWatt™ Glass Made in the USA (UL Recognized)
  • Transformer Made in Germany (UL Recognized)
  • High-quality laser cutters
  • Prime ITO lamination machinery
  • Patented additions to make own electrodes “busbars” (more reliable)
  • Superior adhesive layer
  • High quality lamination machinery Made in Germany

  • PriWatt™ Film light transmittance is 88% (Transparency) 
  • PriWatt™ haze lever only 3% (Hazenest) 
  • Fast switching time (100 milliseconds from frosted to clear and 400 milliseconds from clear to opaque )
  • Cuts UV rays by 98%
  • Cuts IR rays by 90%
  • Consumes 0.5 watts per 1 SqFt  ( LESS than most alarm clock displays)
  • 15+ years run-life
  • Consumes 0 watts when in opaque mode
  • Our liquid crystals are perfect for HD rear video projection

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  • Easy to decontaminate by HCW under varied conditions
  • Compact, easily managed and cost-effective
  • Performs the same function as the replaced product
  • Due to the complicated laundering requirements, labor- intensity, time consumption and cost, fewer efforts are placed on decontaminating soft porous surfaces such as privacy curtains in most healthcare facilities.


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