Switch Film for Drone Operating Room at FPL

Client: FPL
Date: May 2021
Location: Miami, Florida
Product: PriWatt™ Film
Square Footage: 130 SF
Area: Drone Operating Room

Smart Glass Technologies was honored to work with Florida Power & Light Company, the principal subsidiary of NextEra Energy Inc., a Juno Beach, Florida-based power utility company that provides reliable service for climate operations, It also generates, transmits, distributes, and sells electric energy.

Drones are used in day-to-day operations to do equipment maintenance checks. These proactive examinations assist uncover any potential problems before they become a problem. Drones assist us in assessing damage in regions that are flooded or inaccessible due to collapsing vegetation following a major weather event.

We installed over 130 square feet of PriWatt Film for this project, worked for three days, and collaborated with two companies to achieve the best results.

The glass and glass frames were installed by Mercury Glass & Mirror, while the motorized Sliding Door was provided by our second partner.
Prewiring and all high voltage connections were provided by FPL as it generates and distributes electricity.

Automation and a click-distance operations are representing the future and Switchable Glass adds the wow factor that sets any professional or commercial space apart.

The privacy in PriWatt Film is activated by the touch of a button or the flip of a switch. It uses electrical currents to convert transparent glass panels to opaque in less than 0.1 seconds, giving on-demand seclusion while still letting natural light into the room.

Privacy smart glass is a dynamic, hygienic, and versatile alternative to blinds or curtains.

To satisfy any customer’s needs, a variety of switchable privacy glass options are offered.

Switchable privacy glass, which can be used in either residential or commercial settings, provides on-demand privacy while preserving natural light and a streamlined appearance.

Smart Glass Technologies provides a hands-on service, working directly with customers and permitted third parties to ensure that each installation is suited to the end user’s unique needs and design goals.

The final result for FPL was a new, sleek, and exciting addition to this modern institution, and everyone involved is thrilled with the results.

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