Floor-to-ceiling switch glass windows

Floor-to-ceiling switch glass windows bring in an abundance of natural daylight that makes any space seem more inviting.

Studies show that natural daylight is proven to elevate energy and boost moods.

But with all of the above, the large windows come with increased heat in the building, exposure to UV lights, and inconveniences created by too much light.

Among the need for privacy, these were one of the top concerns of one of our clients that we were able to provide all solutions with only one product – PriWatt Film that provides privacy on-demand and offers 99% UV protection and 95% Infra-Red rays protection, that considerably reduces the heat.


We were able to provide a more comfortable space and privacy for a large office by applying our product to many interior and exterior glass panels.

For this project, we applied around 500 SqFt of Smart Pdlc Film on 11 feet high 14 impact windows.

The duration of the installation was 5 days and this job required meticulous effort when applying the PriWatt Film, due to the extra-large glass panels, but the Installation Team handled it effectively, resulting in incredible results in the end.

Our PriWatt Film is a high-tech seamless product that, with the flip of a switch, transforms from transparent to opaque.

This smart technology gives you unparalleled control over how much light, privacy, and heat enters a space, making it perfect for commercial, residential, retail shop, medical, and car front applications.

PriWatt Film is quickly becoming an essential component of any modern workplace or home. It has the capacity to reshape settings and create a multipurpose area that adapts and responds to its users’ demands.

The PriWatt Film has a variety of potential applications. Our products are made to the highest standards, and they are designed to meet the
ever-increasing design problems that we confront today.

Any dynamic problem is easier to face in privacy, and Smart Glass Technologies is where you’ll find it!

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