Switchable film for the front store door in Beverly Hills Los Angeles

Client: Jennifer Fisher Jewelry
Date: May 2021
Location: Los Angeles, CA
Product: PriWatt™ Film
Square Footage: 115 SF
Area: Commercial/ Boutique / Store



Smart Glass Technologies was delighted to implement a project for Jennifer Fisher Jewelry Store in Beverly Hills, La in May 2021.

The project was completed in two days by a qualified installation team who installed about 115 SQFT of PriWatt switchable film for the front store door and its sidelights.

With three separate switches controlling the four panels, one for the front door and two for the sidelights, it offered the possibility to regulate each section separately and manage the required privacy and light transmission.

Jennifer Fisher is the namesake label of the same-named designer. The New York-based business, which was founded in 2005, makes stunning jewelry. The jewelry collection, which is made of high-quality metals and has gorgeous patterns has a unique casual edge and adds the ideal finishing touch to any ensemble.

Jennifer Fisher’s items have been seen in a number of films and television series, also preferred by a various number celebrities.

Traditional shops are under significant competition from internet shopping, and one way they may respond is to become more experience-focused by embracing existing technologies.

A contemporary workplace must adapt to the demands of both production staff and potential clients, as well as represent the company’s ideals. When it comes to creating today’s modern workspaces, Smart Glass Technologies products are an effective instrument.

PriWatt switchable film also works perfectly to increase security. Smart Film adds two additional layers of protection. In the off state (opaque), Smart Film will make your valuables invisible from the outside, in effect decreasing the potential of break-ins. Even when there is a break-in attempt, the smart film adds a very tough 0.4mm thick layer of added protection to your glass, which makes it more difficult for the intruder to break-in.



The PriWatt Film consists of liquid crystals that align when an electrical current is applied, providing transparency, and disperse light when the current is not applied, causing opacity. With the flip of a switch, the glass transforms into a private area, giving distinctive aesthetic value to any room.

Please contact us for a quote, as we would be thrilled to change your office into a more modern and efficient place!


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