Switchable Film Magnetic Connection for Sliding Door

Client: Residential
Date: May 2021
Location: New York
Product: PriWatt™ Film
Square Footage: 50 SF
Area: Private Residential



Take a look at our recent PriWatt Film project , located in NYC, that is making a strong contemporary influence on the residential building.

Although a classic style has a timeless quality to it, there are no rules when it comes to modern interior design, which is what makes it so inspirational.

A modern interior design approach fosters artistic freedom and self-expression by allowing for experimentation and giving a blank canvas for experimenting with white space, elegant materials, and clean lines.

It was implemented in a quiet neighborhood in New York City, in a classic style house with a quiet back yard, but with some soft touches of modern design, that were accentuated even more by our technology- PriWatt Film.

Our client was confessing that they often had those days when the Sun isn’t sure if it’s coming or departing, causing them to constantly opening and closing their curtains.

Thanks to the development of our “smart” glass, which turns from clear to opaque and back at the touch of a button, we solved his problem.

It’s easy to implement, incredibly handy, and has significant environmental advantages. What precisely does it entail? Let’s have a look at it more closely!

Switchable Smart Film is active and multipurpose, allowing a typically static material to come to life. This technique enables for the control of visible light, UV light, and infrared light.

Privacy Glass and Film is made possible by technologies that enable transparent materials to change from clear to shaded or entirely opaque on command.

The technology may be used in architecture, interior design, automotive, smart shop windows, and consumer electronics to create windows, partitions, and other transparent surfaces.

This was a small project but what a big success!
About 50SF of PriWatt Film was applied to an exterior Window and to a large Sliding Door, and here comes the magic!

As it is well known – Switchable Glass and Film technology require an electrical source, in this case, our certified technicians installed the film and adapted it to electrical connectors, which makes the possibility to switch from clear to opaque glass when the door slides to open and close.


Another example of sliding doors in Miami, Florida



Request a quote on our website if you are interested in our technology and would want to operate your privacy with a related electrical connector technology in even less than 24 hours.


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