Switchable Glass Revolutionizing Workspaces with Metro Wall, Officeworks, and Forward Space

In modern office design and architecture, the collaboration of Smart Glass Technologies with Metro Wall, Officeworks, and Forward Space is a testament to innovation and client-focused service. These partnerships highlight why leading companies choose Smart Glass Technologies for their PriWatt switchable smart glass needs and the impactful outcomes of these collaborations.

Collaborative Success Stories

For Metro Wall, known for its architectural glass wall interiors, integrating Smart Glass Technologies’ PriWatt glass added a dynamic and flexible element to their designs. 

Officeworks, with its focus on innovative office interiors, found in Smart Glass Technologies a partner that could match its commitment to quality and customer experience. 

Forward Space, as a leader in creating workspace environments, utilized Smart Glass Technologies’ products to enhance their space planning solutions, adding a layer of privacy and modernity to their projects.


One of the primary reasons Metro Wall, Officeworks, and Forward Space selected Smart Glass Technologies is its comprehensive service model. As a one-stop-shop for switchable smart glass solutions, Smart Glass Technologies offers an integrated approach that includes consulting, manufacturing, installation and customer service. This holistic strategy simplifies the client process, ensuring seamless project execution from conception to completion.

Local Presence, Nationwide Reach, Made in USA

Another significant factor is Smart Glass Technologies’ extensive network across the USA and Canada. With over 15 certified installation teams spread across North America, the company is uniquely positioned to serve any area swiftly and efficiently. This local yet widespread presence was a key consideration for these companies, as it ensures prompt and reliable service, which is crucial for time-sensitive and large-scale projects.

Dedicated Customer Support

The hallmark of Smart Glass Technologies’ approach is its dedicated customer support. The company’s commitment to professional service from the initial quote to the final touch of job completion resonates strongly with clients. This level of attention and support aligns perfectly with the customer-centric models of Metro Wall, Officeworks, and Forward Space, making Smart Glass Technologies an ideal partner.

Building on these success stories, Smart Glass Technologies invites other forward-thinking companies to explore partnership opportunities. Our expertise in switchable smart glass technology and our commitment to quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction make us an ideal partner for any firm looking to enhance their spaces with cutting-edge, functional design solutions. Join us in shaping the future of smart building solutions and creating environments that inspire, perform, and transform. Request a quote.

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