Switchable Smart Film at One Thousand Museum Miami

Client: Residential
Date: March 2021
Location: Miami, FL
Product: PriWatt™ Film
Square Footage: 60 SF
Area: Private Residential

When talking about Smart Film the first thing that comes to mind is the Luxury Modern Residence Interior Design which is a study in grandeur and luxury, with an extravagant style, a luxurious personality, and understated grace.
Similar residences are furnished with sophisticated materials, a gorgeous neutral color scheme, and wonderfully made furnishings

One of our recent projects were implemented in the spectacular building in Downtown Miami, FL – The 1000 Museum, designed by Zaha Hadid in collaboration with developers Louis Birdman and Gregg Colvin, will soon be the most luxurious skyscraper in the city.

Zaha Hadid is a world-renowned architect and a legend in her field, having been the first woman to receive the coveted Pritzker Architecture Prize.

Zaha Hadid is widely considered as one of the most talented architects and designers in the world. The planned 1000 Museum condo project is 60 floors tall and located at 1000 Biscayne Boulevard, across from the American Airlines Arena and the new Museum Park.

In one of these floors, we are proud to have successfully accomplished a PriWatt Film Project. Our certified Installers applied about 60SF of Switchable Film, offering a slick design and a modern look. In this case less is more… and nothing makes minimalist style more exteriorized than privacy at demand.

Skyscrapers tend to offer the beautiful views, no doubt however, in a hectic region like this, privacy is required and these impeccable panoramas should not be.

The smart film, smart glass, and switchable privacy film are all terms used to describe this cutting-edge glazing technology. Whatever you name it – we love to call it PriWatt Film, the product is simply a typical piece of glass with a major flaw. The trick is that the opacity may be adjusted.

With the flip of a switch, what was once an average glass wall may be transformed into something altogether different. The glass goes from absolutely transparent to frosted in less than a second thanks to the rapid transition. Isn’t it incredible?

distorted by the old- fashioned methods of peace and solitude like curtains and blinds.

If you need privacy and modern design for your home, workplace, or commercial area, don’t hesitate to contact us. Whether you’re in the United States or Canada, one of our experts will assist you and provide an estimate in less than 24 hours!


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