Switchable Smart Film for MRI room at Moffitt Cancer Center

Moffitt is at the very forefront of cancer centers worldwide in pioneering advances like CAR T-cell therapy. Moffitt is committed to the health and safety of its patients. That’s why they think and act differently, matching the courage of their patients with the courage to boldly innovate, so they can save more lives by providing the best care today.

The MRI room design was done by healthcare architects and engineers. The main reason for using Glass and screen hospital is privacy on demand . Within a hospital, patient privacy and dignity must be respected in all clinical areas. Studies in emergency departments have shown that there is a significant correlation between respecting privacy and patients’ overall satisfaction.

Also, MRI scanners are capable of producing sound pressure levels in excess of 110 dBA. Sound from MRI equipment can be extremely disruptive to other occupants in the building. The PriWatt Smart Film is a perfect solution because its an additional layer on the glass that is absorbing the acoustic noise from MRI equipment.


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