Replacing Blinds with PriWatt Smart Film

Smart Glass Technologies has pioneered a transformative solution in the quest for modern, efficient, and aesthetically pleasing office environments—replacing traditional blinds with smart film. This

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Switchable Smart Entry Door

  There’s nothing quite like sunlight streaming into your home’s living room, entry, or kitchen area on a warm day. It can be both energizing

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IMPROVED Smart Power Transformer

As a pioneering company in the Smart Glass industry, Smart Glass Technologies always put quality as a paramount. Having a sharp grip on the industry,

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Smart Film Installation

Surface Installation Basics REQUIRED EQUIPMENT Provide us the width and height we will confirm the pre-wiring location after payment is received. Do not remove protective

At Smart Glass Technologies, we empower architects, designers, developers, and homeowners to maximize the use of glass and natural light in their projects, while simultaneously providing innovative solutions for privacy with our switchable smart glass. We are ready to respond to the ambition and imagination of our customers. We manufacture high-quality products and provide an exceptional customer service experience.