The best solution to sell cannabis vape devices you’re not allowed to show the customer in Canada

Date: August 2021
Location: Montreal, Canada
Product: PriWatt™️ Film
Square footage: 170 SF
Area: Cannabis Vape Store

In Montreal, cannabis vape devices are required by law to conceal their product from minors who are passing by the store. It was the situation for a store-owner in Montreal who was looking for a solution to hide his product from children, but at the same time to be able to offer a broad presentation to a potential customer.

Smart Glass Technologies has once again proved its ability to offer unique solutions. With the PriWatt Switchable Film, the owner was able to hide the product that was placed on the display table, and only when a potential customer is entering the store, by the flip of a switch, he was able to clear the display table for visibility and to comfortably discuss the product with the customer.

This effect was able to achieve due to the technology used in our PriWatt™️ Film: an instant switch from transparent to opaque, and vice-versa.

The PriWatt™️ Film proves to be an ideal solution to this matter. The store owner is now conforming to the law because his product is hidden. At the same time, whenever someone is approaching the store with interest, he is able to freely show his product types and variations, by making the glass part transparent.

In addition to this, the customer is amazed and enthusiastic about this effect, seeing the glass shelve being opaque instantly becoming visible. Great marketing tool, the Switch Film is now attracting clients to the owner’s store.

The Smart Film installation proved to be not so easy, as our installers have worked 2 days on installing film panels on 7 table displays, and 3 glass-racks. The PriWatt™️ Film panel is an adhesive, super-thin layer that the installer is attaching to the glass. Each panel is wired to a switch and powered by the transformer. The shelves of the store contained sliding glass panels, which means that our installer has used coiled wires. These are flexible, elastic wires that are connected to the film at all times, even when the glass partition is being opened. Therefore assuring a stable wiring process.

The PriWatt™️ Film looks both amazing and efficient in this store, and most importantly, it completely secures a good business activity for the store owner.

So, we can clearly see how the PriWatt™️ Film is not used only for windows, doors, walls etc. But even for glass shelves and displays. It is incredible how this product will fix this issue for most of the vape and cannabis sellers in Canada.

We have yet to discover the multiple possibilities of using the SmartFilm, however, we are always tending to find unique and elegant solutions for each project that is requesting an estimate. So simply contact us about your project, and feel sure about the quality that you will receive from us.


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